Robin Marie Photography: Blog en-us (C) Robin Marie Photography (Robin Marie Photography) Fri, 15 Sep 2017 07:05:00 GMT Fri, 15 Sep 2017 07:05:00 GMT Robin Marie Photography: Blog 118 120 The Plum Tart Now at first glance you would not say that this Plum Tart is very pretty.  You would probably say that the crust is burnt and uneven and the filling looks a bit messy.  I don't think we would be making it through to the next round if this was a cooking competition ( Yes, I watch way to much Food Channel)

This is my story of the Plum Tart.

When I was in high school I dated this boy  After a few months he invited me over to his house for dinner.  I met his mom who seemed nice.  She had a very strong Swiss accent and didn't really appear to like me much.  I couldn't even tell you what we had for dinner but I will never forget the dessert.  When the Plum Tart was brought out I was fascinated.  I had never seen such a thing.  (keep in mind I was raised on White cake and Hostess).  The Tart itself seemed very rustic with a crust on the bottom and a layer of plums perfectly laid out in a circular pattern  On top of the plums looked to be some sort of custard.  The family seemed eager to dive in so I did the same.  My 1st bite was absolutely horrible.  I wanted desperately to spit it into my napkin or feed it to the dog under the table.  Being the polite dinner guest and the fact that I really liked this boy I powered through it like a champion.  The problem was that it was not sweet.  The egg custard was just egg.  Where was the Sugar??  I hated it!



Now lets fast forward 30 years. My boyfriends mom with the Swiss accent I'm pretty sure loves me almost as much as I love her and I have had to power through her Plum tart more times than I can count.  She has been dealing with some health problems recently, and her memory has taken a serious decline,  I have been helping her out with some of the day to day things and have really enjoyed the time I'm spending however it can be very difficult at times.  The neighbors have been bringing her some gifts such as tomatoes from their gardens, homemade Jam and Plums. 

This afternoon I suggested that we make a Plum Tart.  Her eyes lite up immediately.  As we rolled out the dough we laughed like l little girls, flour spilling onto the floor.  We looked down at Jack, my dog who is never far away and he was covered in flour as well.  She placed the dough into the pie plate and began to crimp the edges like she had done many times before. This time however the edges were not as crisp and precise as I remember but it didn't matter.  She showed me how to pit the plums just so and how to arrange them on the crust.  She forgot about the egg mixture which was fine with me ...wink wink... She forgot at which temperature to bake it so she guessed.  It didn't really matter. What mattered was how happy this made her.

When we sat down to dinner our conversation was light and easy. She was not stressed out about how she forgot how to use the TV remote or couldn't remember who came to visit the day before.  She was relaxed. She talked about when she was a little girl in Switzerland, her and her brother would eat plums until they felt like they would burst.  She talked about when she took a boat to NY all alone to be a Nanny for a rich family when she barely spoke English. She smiled ear to ear as she spoke.

 When it was time for dessert we brought out the Plum Tart that we had made together. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We both sat and admired  this little over baked Plum tart with the uneven edges and the messy filling for a few minutes before serving it. 

That Plum Tart was like tasting a lifetime of memories. 

The Plum TartThe Plum Tart


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Solar Eclipse 2017~SolarTown, Madras Oregon  



Star Date : 8.19.17
And so our Journey begins.  We left home at 5:00am under a pre- dawn crescent moon.  All of the research, stories and advise that we have received in the past few weeks all swirling through my head like a Asteroid in the galaxy (see what I did there😊 our plan came together perfectly after numerous emails, phone calls and media shows warning us about everything from forest fires, horrendous traffic, food/water shortages and even a story about bat attacks that will happen when the sky becomes dark….,YES you read that right BAT ATTACKS. We figured we would get a jump on the traffic and left before everyone. FAKE NEWS! We arrive 5 ½ hrs later with no traffic jams, no gas shortages and no problems.  We spent the rest of the day setting up our camp, meeting the neighbors and checking out the little vendor village in Solar Town. Our 20x40 site for $150 was a steal for the experience we are about to be part of with an estimated 10,000 plus fellow campers

Star Date: 8.20.17
After a fitful night, my neighbor 10 ft from my head, almost close enough to nudge snored all night long. I woke up around 3:00am and the walk to the Loo was hysterical.  I was serenaded by what sounded like a million snoring people.  I really wish I would have recorded that experience.  Hysterical!!  We woke around 7:00am to what in my dream state sounded like Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragons breathing fire over Solar Town.  When I opened the tent door and found this (see below) I was very relieved

Did I mention that my Dream that night had something to do with Guy Fieri from the food channel questioning my belief in God and was yelling scripture at me… (what does that even mean)  weird.  We settled into our camp chairs and began people watching which was so entertaining.  Our early morning campsite smelled of Bacon, Sun Screen, Weed, Pachulia and Money.  The amount of high tech equipment that had gathered in this farmers field miles away from a city was beyond belief .  Nikon, Canon, Sony, all the telescope companies, lots of 1st time campers with the REI tags still hanging off their tents.  Honestly at times I questioned our decision just a little.  Afternoon came quickly and we found a  small local distillery in Solar Town that was selling pints of vodka so we made some cocktails with Water Kefir @waterkefirpeople  a water based Kombucha which was awesome and now selling at our local whole foods😊 .  I’d say this was very “Oregonian” of us.  We spent Sunday Evening at Solar Fest buying tee shirts and checking out the vendors.  Did I mention how friendly everyone here is…well they are.  Everyone without exception

Star Date: 8.21.17
We woke up early with the excitement in the air feeling almost electric.  Everyone was busy fiddling with their cameras, telescopes, setting up the viewing areas with chairs, beverages etc… we were all getting ready for the big show. A guy named Ken walked by and told us about the Shadow bands and offered a big sheet of white paper which we taped onto the back of our car. Our neighbor across the way was busy making a pinhole viewer (see below) we made one that looked like a heart😊  Our hippy neighbor Jim from San Francisco was hotboxing in his little one man tent (Jim spent all week smoking weed, drawing pictures and looking for a brown pencil that he lost)

At 09:06:45.2 the crowd marked the beginning of the Solar Eclipse with a rumbling roar of clapping and whoops and hollers.  The show had begun.  Dawning our fashionable eclipse glasses all 10K plus people were looking towards the sun.  The site was absolutely beautiful.  As the minutes ticked away the temperature dropped and the skies became glowy dusky hazy, sometimes called the invisible light.  kind of like if your TV contrast was off a bit.  It continued to get colder and darker as the moon crossed over the sun.  Cameras were snapping, someone in the way back began to howl, soon the whole camp ground began to howl.  It was crazy.  At the moment of totality, it was like the lights went out.  It was dark, the temperature dropped a total of 14 degrees, stars came out and a 360degree sunset appeared… I couldn’t stop looking.


  I snapped pics but found myself so mesmerized by what was happening before my eyes I was speechless.  The campground went quiet during those 2.02 minutes. The sight was everything and more. I can’t really put into words how I was feeling.  Yes, the feeling of how “awe inspiring this world is” and those “philosophical quotes” all resonate a bit louder now but somehow it was a personal life changing experience that I really didn’t expect.  (don’t judge me) .  As the Moon passed in front of the Sun and began to show itself in a flash, once more a rumbling roar came over the crowd .  Was it worth it?  Absolutely! Every minute of it!


Sometimes, I think of the Sun and Moon as lovers, who rarely meet.

Always chasing, and almost always missing each other.

But once in a while they catch up, and they kiss,

and the world stares I awe of their eclipse.

~The Great American Eclipse, August 21, 2017~


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Book Cover Shoot A few weeks back I was approached to do a Book cover shoot for a local Writer. "The Secret of the Spicy Jalapeno" by Charlie Courtland.  I had read her book so coming up with a location setting was fairly easy as I knew of an abandoned house a few miles away that would be perfect.  Her vision was clear...we needed a pretty girl, Jalapenos and a bucket of fake blood.  The day of the shoot was perfect...moody skies and perfect lighting.  The house had not been inhabited for years and the yard was a mess.  My big mistake was wearing a maxi skirt to the shoot.  In between getting scratched up and my skirt snagged by the blackberry branches and worrying about the model falling through the steps we got some amazing shots. As we left the shoot location covered in scratches and smelling of a combination of molasses, syrup and ketchup (fake blood) we knew we got what we wanted.   







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FIVE Reasons You Should NEVER (like EVER) Hire A Professional Photographer FIVE Reasons You Should NEVER (like EVER) Hire A Professional Photographer // Save Your Money

You know the drill. Fall is coming, which means Christmas cards are just around the corner. And, while we all want amazing pictures, who has the $$$ to spend on a fancy photographer? We have barbie cars to buy and in-laws to impress!

So, before you go and spend your hard earned dollars on a photographer, here are 5 reasons why you should probably just save your money;)

1. WE ALL OWN CAMERAS // We live in an era where everyone carries a camera on them at all times. Cell phone cameras have come a loooooong way. I mean REALLY, it’s just a matter of clicking a button. No big deal. Save your money, buy a fancy phone and go to town!


2. YOUR SISTERS, FRIENDS, BROTHERS, COUSIN IS A PHOTOGRAPHER // Chances are, you know someone who just bought a fancy camera. No, NOT a cell phone, but a REAL FANCY camera. And chances are also pretty good these days that at least one of the people you know has one of these fancy cameras AND is offering to take your pictures for FREE. I mean, REALLY. You can’t beat free. Not ever. And let’s be real, a family on a tree in any form is JUST a family on a tree. NO ONE  will notice the difference.


3. UNIQUE IDEAS // One of the BIGGEST problems when hiring a professional photographer is they tend to get all artsy and dramatic about their ideas. HELLO>>> Don’t they understand the reason Pinterest is so popular?!! I mean REALLY. People love to copy other people. Why would we want our beach pictures in anything but white tops and blue jeans? Don’t they understand that this is a HUGE trend. Since the 90′s people have been doing this. Stop trying to rock the boat and take our money in the process! If you hire a friend, they are more likely to do whatever you ask them and you can take charge of your session. What would your friends think of you if your Christmas card showed up and yours were the ONLY ones that looked different?!! No thanks.


4. DREAM KILLERS // Professional photographers are total rule followers (can you say LAME?), no fun at all. I asked mine to take pictures on the railroad tracks and she said it was “illegal”. Then I asked her if she would takes us to this old barn I see all the time and she said it was “trespassing”. WHATEV. I see people do it all the time. And so what if we get caught? Like getting a fine or having the cops called is that big of a deal. I would say it ADDS to the overall experience. Don’t let a professional talk you into driving out to a private estate. They are just doing that so they can charge you more money. It’s a total scam!


5. THAT CD IS GOING TO LOOK AMAZING ON YOUR WALL // When you go onto a professional photographers website chances are they won’t have their prices up AND when you contact them to specifically ask them “how much 4 a CD?” They will tell you they don’t sell CD’s. I mean REALLY. Who doesn’t sell CD’s anymore? I’ve had several try to tell me that in the next few years CD’s will be obsolete. Yeah right!!! CD’s are here to stay. Another scam to get you to spend more by purchasing inflated prints & fancy canvases. We’re on to your scam professionals!! I can print them myself. I mean one day I will. The cd’s from the last 5 years are all sitting in a pile in my desk drawer, but I’m waiting so I can print them at the same time. I’m totally going to print them…one day.


So, in a few short weeks, when school starts back up and you realize WE NEED CHRISTMAS CARDS…Hire your sisters brothers cousins uncle. He’s sure to do a bang up job;)



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Senior Passions Your Senior Photos should tell a story of you.  What you are in to, sports, hobbies, interests.  I love it when you bring props.  Baseballs, mitts, spikes, hats etc...  this makes your images yours.  We were able to access the local high school track for this pic. Colton is heading off to run track in college ....congratulations!


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Chasing two year olds around the park One of my favorite shoots is chasing little ones around taking pics.  It can be a difficult shoot but the images that I am able to get just putting myself into their world are amazing. It takes some time to get them comfortable with you and your camera.  I usually carry a small stuffed animal that sits on top of my camera.  We crawl through the tubes at the park, we swing on swings, we even wade in the river if that's what they want to do.  Check out this little guy.  so sweet.... 

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Commercial Photography I am asked to do several commercial shoots each year.  I shoot everything from Pizza to cosmetics.  I was recently asked to take some images of a job site at a cold storage building.  I came prepared as instructed with the proper foot wear and clothing that I may never want to wear again.  What I wasn't prepared to do was climb a 40 foot ladder to the top of a building.  I am not afraid of heights mind you but it was a bit scarey knowing if I fell no one was there to catch my camera:-) 

Once I reached the top I was hit in the face with the smell of hot tar. This job is messy.  I gained a whole new respect for roofers that morning.  What a hard job.  I got some awesome shots of the crew in action that they will be using in a Magazine article.  Love seeing my images in print. 


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Spring is in the air... I absolutely love this time of year.  The first appearance of the little flowers popping up everywhere, growing grass and Dandelions...yes Dandelions.  I love these little flowers, some call them weeds...not me!  They remind me of my childhood when we use to make bouquets for my mom and grandma and they would proudly display them on their window sills.  We also use to play a game called Butter...if you don't know what this is google it:-)

Another reason I love this time of year is that I get to do some family shoots. A Family shoot with me is more like a day in the park.  I follow you around and catch you and your family being themselves.  Having fun.  Did I mention a photo session with me is a blast.

I put together this little video of a few families that I recently shot.  You may even recognize some of them.....Enjoy



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Hot Fashion Guide~ love these color schemes Check out these great looks for putting together your outfits for you photo shoot. What I strive to do is capture your specific style and personality.  Bright colors are a great way to make your images pop. 

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